ARC Review: Take the Key and Lock Her Up (Embassy Row #3) by Ally Carter


Take the Key and Lock Her Up
Series: Embassy Row #3
Author: Ally Carter
Published January 26th 2017 by Orchard Books

Goodreads Summary
The third and final instalment in the thrilling Embassy Row series.

Grace has discovered that she's the lost princess of Adria ... but some people would prefer she stay lost. With her brother's life hanging in the balance and secret assassins everywhere, life on Embassy Row has never been more dangerous.

See my review for book 2, See How They Run.

I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher via NetGalley. This in no way impacted on my view.

Like everyone else who's read this series, I was desperate to get my hands on book 3, Take the Key and Lock Her Up, after the shocking revelation and cliffhanger at the end of See How They Run. Grace now knows she's descended from the lost princess of Adria, and more to the point, her and her brother, Jamie, are in danger from either the Royal Family, the Society, or both. She only has her friends to rely on, and she can't risk putting them in any more danger.

First things first, I adore this series, and love Ally Carter's world building and characters. I knew reading this book would be somewhat bittersweet, due to the fact it's the last in the series, but I needed to know how Grace's story ended. Over the past two books, she's been through so much, and uncovered what would give most people nightmares, and she's still fighting. Now that Jamie has been shot, and she's on the run to save everyone she cares about, she finds herself thinking that she is the only one who can fix everything, and may just have to sacrifice herself to do so.

Grace is one of the best characters I've ever seen. She's so strong, considering she's been through so much, and she doesn't let her problems stop her. Her love and loyalty for her friends and family is one of the best things about her. She'd rather die than let anything happen to someone she cares about, and throughout this book, her wish might just come true.

Throughout the series, there's been a budding romance growing between Grace and her brother's friend, and neighbour on Embassy Row, Alexei. From the start, Ives loved seeing their chemistry, and relationship blossom, and this book was perfect for my shipper feels. There were some ups and downs, but it wouldn't be a YA contemporary if angst wasn't a big player.

All in all, I adored this book, just like I have the entire series, and though I'm sad to see the series end, and having to say goodbye to Grace, I couldn't have asked for a better end to the series. Ally Carter is one of the best YA authors I've ever read, and if you haven't picked up any of her books, you definitely should.

Dates Read:
December 20, 2016


5 Stars

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