ARC August Update: 4th September 2016


This is an ARC August 2016 update post, where I'll tell you what I read this week!

This week, I read:

- I quite enjoyed Three Dark Crowns, but found it slow at times. With how it ended, I can see the sequel being a lot more enjoyable, though.
 - I seriously disliked book 1 in this series, but still decided to give Did I Mention I Need You? a try, and I'm glad I did. It was much more enjoyable, and I've since read the sequel, and finale, and thought the series in the long run, was really well done.

In total, I read 9 books for ARC August:

I think I've done fairly well this month, and have made a good dent in my ARC pile. Let me know how you've done.

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