Review: Interference by Kay Honeyman


Series: None
Author: Kay Honeyman
Published September 27th 2016 by Arthur A. Levine Books

Goodreads Summary
I will not get involved…I will not get involved…I will not get involved…

As a congressman’s daughter in Washington, DC, Kate Hamilton always pushes to make things right. But when a scandal sends her family to Red Dirt, Texas, she decides to step back for a while. She’ll take pictures for her portfolio. She’ll volunteer at her aunt’s animal shelter. And most of all, she’ll stay out of politics (including her father’s latest election) and away from guys (especially after her ex’s betrayal).


If Kate’s political skills can be useful in Red Dirt, should she really let them go to waste? After all, her friend Ana Gomez and quarterback Kyle Stone would be a perfect match. Her dad’s campaign could benefit from a teenage perspective. The irritatingly handsome Hunter Price should learn he doesn’t know everything…When Kate’s plans backfire, she must find the soul beneath her DC spin, and risk her heart—the biggest involvement of all.

Interference is the book I didn’t know I needed, until I had it. An Emma retelling, it has modernised the lovable Emma Woodhouse into Kate Hamilton. After her ex-boyfriend spread images of herself in an uncomplimentary light, she and her family end up heading back to Texas, to take a step back for a while. Why? Well her father is a congressman without a seat, and one has just opened up in his home town of Red Dirt. Kate feels like her life could be over, because without a glowing letter of recommendation, which she’s unlikely to get, she has little hope of getting into a good photography programme.

However, she turns it all around, and uses her time in Texas to her advantage. Volunteering at her aunt’s animal shelter, to gain volunteer hours, and using the environment for her photos, she’s finally settling in. but her lab partner, Hunter, seems to be in her business, all the time, and as much as she dislikes him, she can’t help but be drawn to him.

From the very beginning I loved Kate. I hadn’t known this was an Emma retelling, but it soon became apparent, and Kate was the perfect Emma stand-in. She keeps attempting to match make all of her friends, and it doesn’t always go to plan. Even when it’s gone wrong, she doesn’t let it faze her, and carries on like nothing has happened. Some might find her personality jarring and annoying, but I found it completely on point. Hunter, was a proper swoony character. Just like Mr Knightley, he wasn’t going to let Kate get away with anything all willy-nilly. He grounds Kate as a character, and both helped the other grow, in my opinion. 

After previously reading another political book that didn’t have much politics in it, this one was perfect. Kate had never really liked being involved in her father’s campaigning, but she understands that her family needs to reconnect, otherwise the fractures will always be there. In Texas, her parents are more there for her, and she found herself actually enjoying campaigning, though that could be something to do with making sure her dad’s opponent doesn’t win.

Like I said, I knew this book would be one for me, but didn’t know how much I would enjoy it, until my copy became available. Interference was a wonderful political YA, and one of the best Austen retellings I've ever seen!

Dates Read:
October 20-22, 2016

4 Stars

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