Review: Every Breath (Every #1) by Ellie Marney


Every Breath
Series: Every #1
Author: Ellie Marney
Published September 5th 2013 by Allen & Unwin

Goodreads Synopsis
Rachel Watts has just moved to Melbourne from the country, but the city is the last place she wants to be.

James Mycroft is her neighbour, an intriguingly troubled seventeen-year-old who's also a genius with a passion for forensics.

Despite her misgivings, Rachel finds herself unable to resist Mycroft when he wants her help investigating a murder. He's even harder to resist when he's up close and personal - and on the hunt for a cold-blooded killer.

When Rachel and Mycroft follows the murderer's trail, they find themselves in the lion's den - literally. A trip to the zoo will never have quite the same meaning again...

I've loved anything Sherlock Holmes for quite some time now. The BBC Sherlock, Elementary, and the RDJ films are favourites of mine, once I heard that there are a load of Sherlock inspired YA out there, I needed to get my hands on as many as I could. I've ordered Lock & Mori, and am hoping to get A Study in Charlotte when it's released. The Every series by Ellie Marney was available to request through my library, which I did, and here we go.

Rather than being about a relative of Holmes or Watson, or anything like that, the main characters in this book just have similar names. James Mycroft, and Rachel Watts - it's Sherlock's cleverer brother, and his friend Watts. Mycroft, is an extremely intelligent young man, with a turbulent background, who gets involved in his first sleuthing mission when he and Watts discover the body of their homeless friend. Also, the book is set in Melbourne, Australia, and I don't think I've read a book set in Australia, so that was a nice change of scenery. As they become more involved in the case, the dangers around every corner get closer and closer, until, like the synopsis says, they find themselves in an actual lion den.

I loved the humour in this book. There were some slang that I didn't really understand, but a lot of it seems similar to English slang, and that was definitely fun. Neither of the characters has really privileged, happy backgrounds. The whole reason why they are in Melbourne, living near each other, is because of hardship and suffering, and they didn't hide that. Rachel and James were actual, real people.

The plot was very well written, and thought out. When we first met the actual baddie, I thought there was something weird about them, but not sure what. I was guessing until the last minute what had happen, and would happen, and was shocked so many times. It was definitely a proper Sherlock retelling, with more of a unique twist to it, a la Elementary, rather than the BBC Sherlock.

The romance between Mycroft and Watts was hardly there, until the end. Even so, I shipped them so hard. It was a romance I could get behind, that felt right, and natural.

Honestly, I could see the majority of the book actually happening, it was that real! I'm glad that I have the ebooks of book 2 and 3 waiting on my iPad, as I'm going to start them as soon as I have time free between exams. I wish I hadn't waited so long to get these books, and definitely understand why they are so loved by so many people. I'd absolutely recommend this book, and probably the whole series, to anyone, but especially fans of Sherlock Holmes.

Dates Read:
January 08 to 11, 2016

4 Stars

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