Review: The Fixer (The Fixer #1) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes


The Fixer
Series: The Fixer #1
Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Published July 7th 2015 by Bloomsbury USA Childrens

Goodreads Synopsis
This thriller YA is Scandal meets Veronica Mars.
Sixteen-year-old Tess Kendrick has spent her entire life on her grandfather's ranch. But when her estranged sister Ivy uproots her to D.C., Tess is thrown into a world that revolves around politics and power. She also starts at Hardwicke Academy, the D.C. school for the children of the rich and powerful, where she unwittingly becomes a fixer for the high school set, fixing teens’ problems the way her sister fixes their parents’ problems.
And when a conspiracy surfaces that involves the family member of one of Tess's classmates, love triangles and unbelievable family secrets come to light and life gets even more interesting—and complicated—for Tess.
Perfect for fans of Pretty Little Liars and Heist Society, readers will be clamoring for this compelling teen drama with a political twist.

In The Fixer, we follow Tess, as she rediscovers her older sister, Ivy, after a family tragedy. Since the deaths of their parents over a decade ago, Tess has been living with her grandfather on a farm in rural Montana. Unfortunately, her grandfather falls ill with Alzheimer's, and Tess can no longer look after herself. Ivy comes to the rescue, and flies Tess off to Washington D.C., and sets her up at the prestigious Hardwicke Academy. As she discovers that Ivy is involved in high politics, and is known as a 'Fixer' around the city, Tess falls upon a conspiracy, one that she can only deal with herself.

I was completely blown away by this book, so much so, that I devoured it only three hours. I've heard it described as a YA crossover of the TV shows Scandal and Veronica Mars - shows that I love - and that's a perfect way to describe it. If you have ever watched Scandal, Ivy Kendrick is just like Olivia Pope, in the most perfect way ever! Also, Tess is wonderfully similar to Veronica Mars. This was honestly the best crossover I could have wished for.

The characters, albeit very similar to the aforementioned TV characters, were wonderful in their own ways. Tess was a character I associated with this author, and though her situation was unreal - I mean, who meets the President and First Lady on a regular basis? - she seemed like a real person. She wasn't shiny, and perfect, nor was she wholly a basket case. Simply, she was someone who put on a brave face in the face of adversity, and was still vulnerable and a bit damaged inside. She faced so many difficult situations throughout the book, and honestly, I would have been wary if it didn't affect her in some way.

Tess wasn't the only great character. Her sister, Ivy, though elusive and not around much, definitely cared for Tess, and proved time and time again that she was amazing at her job, if not at keeping up familial relationships. Tess's school friends, Asher, Vivvie, and Henry, each had their own redeeming qualities, and I honestly hope that Tess and Henry have a relationship in subsequent books - their chemistry was off the charts, and you can just tell there is something brewing below the surface.

The revelations discovered at the end of the novel knocked me off balance, and for that reason, I regret that I read/devoured this nearly 400 page book in under three hours. The wait til June just may kill me, until I can get my hands of The Long Game. If you have loved Barnes' The Naturals series, you will definitely enjoy this! If you have loved Scandal and/or Veronica Mars, you will love this! Honestly, I think the majority of people would definitely enjoy The Fixer, if they give it a chance!

Dates Read:
October 6th, 2015

5 Stars

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