Review: Dark Triumph (His Fair Assassin #2) by Robin LaFevers


Dark Triumph
Series: His Fair Assassin #2
Author: Robin LaFevers
Published June 6th 2013 by Andersen

Goodreads Synopsis
When Sybella arrived at the doorstep of St Mortain half mad with grief and despair the convent were only too happy to offer her refuge - but at a price. The sisters of this convent serve Death, and with Sybella naturally skilled in both the arts of death and seduction, she could become one of their most dangerous weapons.
But her assassin's skills are little comfort when the convent returns her to the life that nearly drove her mad. Her father's rage and brutality are terrifying, and her brother's love is equally monstrous. But when Sybella discovers an unexpected ally she discovers that a daughter of Death may find something other than vengeance to live for...

Many reviews I've seen for this book have said they preferred Grave Mercy; that is not the case with me.

Whilst I loved Grave Mercy, I found the grittiness of Sybella's story to be much more exciting and endearing. Sybella's story was much more personal compared to Ismae's, she had more at stake than Ismae had had, and the strength she showed throughout the entire book proved how worthy she was to be one of 'Death's Handmaiden's'.

The romance between herself and Beast was so cute, and I loved how we also learnt more of his back story, which was only alluded to in book 1. To revisit past characters such as Beast, Ismae, Duval, and the rest of the Breton nobility was amazing, and I'm looking forward to hopefully see more of them in Mortal Heart.

Dates Read:
January 30 to 31, 2015

5 Stars  

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  1. I actually liked this one better! Glad you liked it too.

    1. Thanks Deanna! I just thought Sybella was the better protagonist:)

  2. Oh I'm so glad to see you loved this book! I LOVED Grave Mercy but have not been motivated to read the other 2 books because others have said Dark Triumph wasn't that great. Great review!

    1. I think Dark Triumph divides most readers - they either love it or hate it. Mortal Heart, book 3, was loved by everyone though, so I's definitely read on with this series. I hope you enjoy them all :)

  3. Great review. I really didn't like Grave Mercy, although I feel very alone in that opinion. Maybe I should continue the series though, as a grittier story would probably work better for me! Thanks for sending me the link to your blog, I'm now following you and can't wait to read more posts from you.

    1. Thanks for following! I'd definitely say this was grittier, and you might really enjoy it :) I look forward to seeing your review if you try it.